What is Occupational Medicine?

June 17, 2022

Medical Exam

At Champlain Medical, our team of experienced, qualified professionals provide comprehensive services for every occupational medicine need. OM (occupational medicine) practitioners are 
trained to diagnose and treat work related injuries. Additionally at Champlain Medical we provide federally regulated safety and compliance evaluations for employees in the workplace. We work directly with employees, employers, public, and private agencies to facilitate these surveillance examinations and communicate results through our employer portal, communicate about issues, and fill out all required forms and documents.

Our goal is safety in the workplace. Our OC treatment ends with a recommendation that the patient is clear to return to work, can return with restrictions, or is not able to return to work. 
Champlain Medical also provides physical examinations for a wide variety of occupational needs. These are usually required by the government to ensure that the employee can safely fulfill the 
tasks required on the job. Here are some of the examinations we provide:

  • Pre-Employment Physicals. This is a baseline physical to determine the health of an
 employee before starting the job and whether they can meet the physical requirements of the position.
  • DOT Physicals. These are done specifically for CDL and other professional drivers.
  • Drug/Alcohol screening. We provide drug screen collections and breath alcohol services.  We also have on staff a Medical Review Officer if results are non-negative.
  • OSHA Respiratory Compliance. We provide an electronic OSHA review form and provide both medical services for compliance and mask FIT testing to ensure the safety of your employee.
  • Vaccination Services. Some industries require Hepatitis vaccinations to ensure their employees remain safe in their workplace.
  • FAA Examination. Certification for Class 1-3 pilots.  Our Aviation Medical Examiner works for the pilot.

For more information about our OM services, click here.
 Champlain Medical is a trusted leader of medical care throughout the greater Chittenden County 
region and beyond. We offer walk in urgent care, employer based surveillance appointments, and work injury evaluations. Please contact us for
 more information.