FAA Physicals

FAA Physicals

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FAA Medical Exams -  Currently doing Class I, II and III.

Welcome to Dr. Phillip Camp

Dr. Phillip Camp has been working in the equivalent role for our Air National Guard and is working on becoming a pilot himself.  Beth Schiller ANP has 20 years piloting tail draggers and is instrument and seaplane rated.

Class  I, II and III: $160

EKG: $50 for Class I


Answers to common questions:

Don't forget to do your paperwork online.  We can no longer use pen and paper for your medical  :-)


"This message is for you, your associates and especially Dr. Schwartzberg.  I heard from the FAA via a letter last week and after 5 years of trying I have been cleared to finish my civilian pilot’s license and it is all thanks to the efforts made on the folks there at Champlain Medical.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this.  Please pass this message on to Doc Josh. Thank you so much. God Bless."

 ~ Marc V.

"I can think of no better AME (Aviation Medical Examiner) to go to for my FAA Medical! Dr Josh was highly recommended by my pilot colleagues. He was every bit as good as I had heard & I had hoped for!

It had been 13 years since my last FAA Medical (Class III) & 15 years since my last Class I, and many things had changed for me over that time. I had known from my own research that my FAA Class I Medical would result in a deferment & a Special Issuance (if I was successful).

I reported several new medical issues & was now also taking some medications so I really needed an experienced AME who not only knew the FAA Medical Certification standards & the process very well, but more importantly would be in my corner as my advocate! Dr Josh has been at this a very long time (20+ years), is a pilot himself, and best of all has a friendly manner to put you at ease. It is clear he is working for you! When you go to Dr Josh you will also get the full support of Beth Schiller, AGNP (Dr Josh’s wife) – a true two for one Team!

I am a very happy pilot due to the support of Dr Josh & Beth Schiller! I received my FAA Class I Medical in just weeks!"