Practical Tips to Stay Healthy this Winter

January 5, 2021

winter in Vermont

The holidays are over and we are in the core of winter. Champlain Medical leading provider in Urgent Care, in the greater Vermont area, and we have several tips to help you thrive in the winter.

1) Vitamin D

Vitamin D is primarily produced by exposure to sunlight. So in the winter with long nights and short days, it can be a challenge to get the vitamin D we need. A vitamin D deficiency can lead to fatigue and depression, so be sure to supplement your diet with this key vitamin. 

2) Exercise

Bundle up and go outside! Hikes, cross country skiing, skating, or just walking are all great ways to enjoy the wonders of nature, and all that Vermont has to offer. It is cold, but the cold can be very invigorating if we are safe and prepared. Winter days can be quiet and a wonderful time to tune in. 

3) Family Time

We are all under quarantine, so perhaps approach this time to connect with your family, or start that creative project you have always wanted to do but didn't have the time. You will be commuting to work soon enough. Of course our hearts go out to all who have have suffered, and enjoying your time is a way of honoring everyone. 

4) Stay in Touch

Isolation can impact your friends and loved ones significantly. We don't always know how lonely a friend or relative might be during this pandemic. So simply make a call for no reason at all, just to do it. 

5) Enjoy Nature

Take a moment and enjoy just being in Vermont. What a wonderful place to live. 

If you have any health needs, or concerns, Champlain Medical is a full service medical facility, and we are here for you. You can call, or just walk in anytime. No appointment necessary.